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On constructivism / Hanley, Susan

In: NSF Cooperative Agreement. - č. 9255745, - 1994

Certainly we are all aware of the bleak report card that our nation's schools have received from various educational research organizations. In comparison to school children from other countries, American children lag far behind in achievements tests, especially those in the math and science areas (Raizen and Michelsohn, 1994). Unfortunately, the situation is even worse than it appears. Studies show that even students who score well on standardized tests often are unable to successfully integrate or contrast memorized facts and formulae with real-life applications outside the school room (Yager, 1991). L.B. Resnick (1987) has commented that practical knowledge (common sense) and school knowledge are becoming mutually exclusive; many students see little connection between what they learn in the classroom with real life.

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