Contrasting four family therapy paradigms: implication for family therapy training

Four major paradigms of family therapy are, contrasted: affective-experiential, structural, atrategic and Milan.

by Israelstam, Ken | 26 čvc 2017, 9:05 | rodinná terapie   systémový přístup  

Entwicklung eines Konzeptes zur ambulanten systemischen Gruppentherapie

Während unserer gemeinsamen Ausbildung in systemischer Familientherapie am Institut für Familientherapie Weinheim stellten wir fest, dass zwar die Ausbildung häufig in Gruppen stattfindet, bisher jedoch praktisch keine Veröffentlichung über systemische Gruppentherapie vorlag. So entstand während einer  Livesupervision 1996 in Gießen der Wunsch, gemeinsam eine ambulante systemische Gruppentherapie durchzuführen und darüber ...

by Dithmer, Alexandra ; Deetz, Ulrike | 26 čvc 2017, 8:26 | skupinová terapie   systémový přístup  

Adlerian Therapy as a Relational Constructivist Approach

The author presents the elements of the postmodern perspective present in contemporary psychotherapy. Moreover, he indicates the usefulness of some therapeutic techniques, mirroring the tendencies represAccording to R. A. Neimeyer (2000) and Botella and Herrero (2000), an integrative bridge between cognitive constructivist and social constructionist approaches to therapy might be ...

by Watts, Richard E. | 21 led 2017, 11:43 | adleriánská terapie   relational constructivist  

Why does psychotherapy need postmodernism?

The author presents the elements of the postmodern perspective present in contemporary psychotherapy. Moreover, he indicates the usefulness of some therapeutic techniques, mirroring the tendencies represent- ative of postmodernism. The social constructionist perspective and its usefulness in family therapy will also be described alongside the advantages and dangers of applying ...

by Barbar, Bogan de | 21 led 2017, 11:30 | postmoderna   konstrukcionismus  

Systemic Thinking in Couple and Family Psychology Research and Practice

Systemic thinking is central to the specialty of couple and family psychology (CFP). Eleven applications of systemic thinking (perceptual and cognitive structuring processes) are described to characterize the way couple and family psychologists think about research and practice. The application of systemic thinking to research is described in light of ...

by Stanton, Mark ; Welsh, Robert | 21 led 2017, 10:33 | rodinná terapie   výzkum  

The Evidence Base of Systemic Family and Couples Therapies

Systemic family and couples therapy (SFCT) has evolved into a variety of forms to meet the needs of the people who come for therapy. Our clients differ not only by bringing the full range of psychological and relationship difficulties and the variety that our society has imaginatively created in family ...

by Stratton, Peter | 16 led 2017, 12:42 | rodinná terapie   výzkum   SF  

Vygotsky’s philosophy: Constructivism and its criticisms examined

Criticisms have recently been voiced of constructivism, the leading metaphor of human learning since the 1970s. Inspired by inconsistencies in interpretations of constructivism in current literature, we examine the underlying epistemological beliefs of popular constructivist theories and their criticisms. We find that popular constructivist claims and criticisms, instead of being ...

by Matthews, Robert ; Liu, Charlotte Hua | 27 lis 2016, 16:55 | konstruktivismus   dialektika   poznání  

The Therapist's Inner Conversation in Family Therapy Practice: Some Ideas About the Self of the Therapist, Therapeutic Impasse, and the Process of Reflection

In this article, a distinction is made between the outer therapeutic conversation and the therapist's inner conversation. The therapeutic conversation is a circle of meaning in which both the therapist and the clients play a part. The therapist's inner conversation is described as a negotiation between the self of the ...

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by Rober Peter | 4 kvě 2016, 11:51 | kritika   reflektování   self  

Solution Focused Brief Therapy: sessions outline

SFBT has become very popular in brief and family therapy field and various questions and assuptions of this approach are well known. This article sets out a basic outlines for using the solution focused model.

by Hopwood, Larry ; Turnell, Andrew | 4 kvě 2016, 7:41 | připojení   SF   návod   kazuistika  

Bioantropologie: transdisciplinární projekt Gregory Batesona

Předmětem disertační práce je dílo anglo-amerického antropologa a kybernetika Gregory Batesona, které je v souladu s dánským biologem Jesperem Hoffmeyerem nahlíţeno jako příklad bioantropologického přístupu. Ten spočívá v přesvědčení, ţe mysl či duše představuje jeden z konkrétních projevů přírodního dění, a ţe toto dění samo má duševní charakter.

by Kučera, Marek | 3 kvě 2016, 15:23 | bioantropologie   nová biologie