The Evidence Base of Systemic Family and Couples Therapies / Stratton, Peter

In: The Association for Family Therapy & Systemic Practice. - - 2011

Systemic family and couples therapy (SFCT) has evolved into a variety of forms to meet the needs of the people who come for therapy. Our clients differ not only by bringing the full range of psychological and relationship difficulties and the variety that our society has imaginatively created in family structures and relationships, but they also occupy the full life span and the great range of ethnic and other cultural variation that communities now contain. This review starts with an account of the basis of SFCT and explains why it offers a very different resource from all the other therapies, which strive to bring about change within individuals.

Hesla: rodinná terapie ; SF ; výzkum

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Solution Focused Brief Therapy: sessions outline / Hopwood, Larry -- Turnell, Andrew

In: Case Studies in Brief and Family Therapy. - Roč. 8, č. 2, s. 39-64. - 1994

SFBT has become very popular in brief and family therapy field and various questions and assuptions of this approach are well known. This article sets out a basic outlines for using the solution focused model.

Hesla: kazuistika ; návod ; připojení ; SF

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Don't think, but observe: What is the importance of the work of Ludwig Wittgenstein for solution-focused brief therapy? / De Shazer, Steve

Understandably, I have often been asked about my interest in and frequent citation of Wittgensteinˇs work in both my writing and my training seminars.

Hesla: SF ; solution focused

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Reports / citováno studenty KN111

Crafting the "Tap on the Shoulder": A Compliment template for Solution-Focused Therapy / Berg, Insoo Kim

Based upon their experience working in a community mental-health clinic using solution-focused brief therapy, the authors describe a template for developing compliments. With most people, the family is a central part of their social system and therefore key to solution building. The authors have found the template particularly helpful in promoting solution building within the family system and therefore a very useful component in family therapy.

Hesla: kazuistika ; návody ; přepis rozhovoru ; SF ; struktura rozhovoru

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Articles / citováno studenty KN82

Co-Constructing Cooperation with Mandated Clients / Berg, Insoo Kim -- De Jong, Peter

In: Social Work. - Roč. 46, č. 4, s. 361-374. - 2001

Dominant practice models for social work were originally developed and intended for work with voluntary clients. The professional literature indicates that use of these models with involuntary clients often alienates rather than engages. This article describes the use of solution-focused interviewing as a way to engage involuntary and mandated clients. A conversation with a court-ordered client is presented and analyzed to demonstrate how practitioners can begin the co-construction of cooperation with mandated clients through adopting a not-knowing posture, focusing on and amplifying what clients want and client strengths and successes, and asking relationship questions to generate possibilities for change specific to the mandated context. The ethical implications of this noncoercive, nonconfrontational approach are addressed, along with its implications for a view of how clients change.

Hesla: cílové osoby ; kazuistika ; přepis rozhovoru ; připojení ; SF ; terapie nařízená ; zapojení

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Reports / sam

Několik poznámek k zacházení s „Ockhamovou břitvou“ v poradenské praxi / Zatloukal, Leoš


Příspěvek se zabývá tím, jak využívat teorie v každodenní poradenské praxi. Věnuje se tomu, jak rozpoznat užitečné teorie od neužitečných a jakým způsobem teoretizovat dostatečné ale přitom nesklouznout k planému teoretizování. Autor vychází z přístupu zaměřeného na řešení (solution-focused approach) a hájí maximální jednoduchost a úspornost, přitom zároveň upozorňuje i na rizika přílišných zjednodušení. Příspěvek bude doplněn příklady z praxe.

Hesla: Ockhamova břitva ; postmoderní myšlení ; SF

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Reports / citováno studenty KN84

Treading lightly: the solution-focused approach in practice / George, Evan

Counsellors coming across the solution-focused approach for the first time often comment on the simplicity of the model. Their comments can sometimes seem a little critical since, as we know, complexity is a quality that is valued in our society while ‘simple’ is often disparagingly equated with ‘simplistic’ and so rejected. However, before long, as their familiarity with the model grows, the same counsellors who were struck by the simplicity begin to comment, at times ruefully, ‘it may be simple but it’s not easy to do’. This apparent paradox – ‘simple but not easy’ – gets right to the heart of the solution-focused approach.

Hesla: krátká terapie ; návody ; SF ; struktura rozhovoru ; teorie

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Articles / studentské překlady KN107

Beyond Technique in Solution / Lipchik, Eve

In: Lipchik, Eve: Beyond Technique in Solution-Focused Therapy: Working with Emotions and the Therapeutic Relationship. New York: Guilford. - s. 62-70. - 2002

I remember my first clinical supervisor, many years ago, repeating over and over again, "Stay with the feelings." Later, when I took training in family therapy, another supervisor kept saying, "Stay away tfom the feelings." Today, I tell trainees, "Dont ignore the feelings."

Hesla: emoce ; kazuistika ; přepis rozhovoru ; SF

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The Origin of the Solution-Focused Approach / Visser, Coert

In: International Journal of Solution-Focused Practices. - Roč. I, č. 1, s. 10-17.

The solution-focused approach to therapy and coaching has its roots in the work done by herapists in the second half of the twentieth century. This article discusses some important recursors, such as Milton Erickson and the Mental Research Institute. Further, it shows how the members of the Brief Family Therapy Center, led by Insoo Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer, eveloped the core of the solution-focused approach in the 1980s. Key concepts and publications are discussed and a description is given of how the team members worked together closely to find out what works in therapy.

Hesla: historie ; klasika ; SF

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For Students Only / Berg, Insoo Kim

As increasing number of academic programs teach Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, we are increasingly asked by students to assist them in their learning about the approach and in their assignments for writing about it’s “founders” and personal information. All such requests from students, of course, they needed to finish the paper yesterday. We are not normally available to students “yesterday” even though it is very urgent for them and we would like them to succeed in earning good grades.

Hesla: důvěra ; historie ; návody ; SF

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