Kočky pod hvězdami: Narativní příběh

Tento článek čtenáře seznamuje s narativní terapií, která svým poststrukturálním přístupem představuje odklon od převládajících terapeutistických metod, upředňostňujících psychologické a biologické teorie před klientovým prožitkem problému. Dále vyjadřuje rozdíly mezi tím, jak se liší pohled narativního přístupu a tradiční psychologie na to, co je problém, jak probíhá změna a jak ...

by Beaudoin, Marie-Nathalie ; Zimmerman, Jeffrey | 25 Jul 2019, 13:28 | kazuistika   přepis rozhovoru   narativní přístup  

Narrative Therapy

Essentially, narrative therapists see life as a process of storytelling. Narrative Therapy (NT) is a relatively recent development and it is firmly situated in the social constructivist ap- proach to psychotherapy. For some, what is disconcerting about this approach is that there is no one True Story.

by Murdock, Nancy L | 15 Nov 2017, 14:10 | narativní přístup  

Michael White and Steve de Shazer: New Directions in Family Therapy

Our attraction to these approaches and our observation of their siilarities and differences le us to try and to place these two therapeutic approaches in context.

by Chang, Jeff ; Phillips, Michele | 10 Oct 2015, 12:12 | solution focused   narativní přístup  

Traumatisme, competence et Choix: Pratiques cliniques de la thérapie narrative

Cette article présente un processus de ré-écriture de l’expérience et de l’histoire personnelle d’événements traumatisants. Des micro-pratiques spécifiques qui peuvent contribuer à une experience de compétence chez le client , sont exposées dans un modèle composé de quatre quadrants. La transcription d’une session de thérapie illustre ce modèle.


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Au bord de la riviere: ou comment rester décentré par rapport à l’histoire de son client

Ceci est l'histoire de ce que Cristina, Pierre, Philippe et Gilles ont vécu, avec leurs pairs, tous coachs, lors d'un atelier d'analyse de pratiques. Cristina souhaitait ardemment travailler sur sa situation. L'ingénierie de l'atelier s'appuyait sur les pratiques narratives. Dans cette "arène thérapeutique", comme la nomme Michael White, je ...


by Brémond, Pierre ; Janečková, Míla | 14 Jul 2015, 8:33 | koučování   kazuistika   změna   narativní přístup  

The Story of Dory the Cat

I introduce the following story into families where young people, for any number of reasons, are experiencing difficulties belonging, and their parents/caretakers, for any number of reasons, are experiencing difficulties belonging them. The Browns1 were one such family. Mark, now in his late 40's, had separated from his wife when ...

| The story of Dory the cat

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Text nad context: narrative, postmodernism and cybernetics

Currently, the systemic view in family therapy is being substituted by a postmodern narrative approach, while cybernetics tends to be considered an outdated perspective and its contribution to therapy overlooked.

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Narrative Therapy and Interpersonal Neurobiology: Revisiting classic practices, developing new emphases

his article reviews some of the recent advances in brain research and the grow- ing field of interpersonal neurobiology, which we believe supports a number of narrative therapy premises. Highlighted is the potential usefulness of thinking about unique outcomes as “moments” of “affect-infused” experiences. The concepts and ...

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by Beaudoin, Marie-Nathalie ; Zimmerman, Jeffrey | 1 Jul 2015, 6:47 | kazuistika   přepis rozhovoru   narativní přístup   trauma   neurovědy  

Some Historical Conditions of Narrative Work

Written to honor the immense contribution of Michael White as a leader in the de­velopment of narrative therapy, this historical essay contrasts the origins of psycho­analysis, family therapy and narrative therapy. Changes in the understanding of therapeutic strategies, methods of training and supervision, styles of leadership, the involvement of audiences ...

by Beels, Christian C. | 19 Feb 2015, 8:51 | narativní přístup   historie  

Cats Under the Stars: A Narrative Story

This paper provides an introduction to Narrative Therapy. This post-structural approach represents a movement away from the dominant therapeutic approaches that privilege psychological or biological theories over the client's experience of problems. Distinctions are made between narrative ideas and traditional psychosocial points of view in the areas of what a ...

by Zimmerman, Jeffrey ; Beaudoin, Marie-Nathalie | 7 Dec 2014, 9:56 | narativní přístup