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000002514 245__ $$aLeeds Systemic Family Therapy Manual
000002514 260__ $$aLeeds, UK$$bLeeds Family Therapy & Research Centre, School of Psychology, University of Leeds$$c2000
000002514 520__ $$aThe manual is principally designed as a research tool for outcome studies in which the effectiveness of systemic therapy can be assessed. It therefore aims to offer a framework and guidelines for the implementation of systemic family therapy, so that therapists can offer a unified version of therapy, with some flexibility to express their own creativity.
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000002514 700__ $$0AUTHOR|(SYS)strattonpeter$$aStratton, Peter
000002514 700__ $$0AUTHOR|(SYS)cottrelldavid$$aCottrell, David
000002514 700__ $$0AUTHOR|(SYS)shapirodavid$$aShapiro, David
000002514 8564_ $$s268070$$uhttps://systemika.g-i.cz/record/2514/files/Stratton, Peter et al - Final LFTRC Manual.pdf
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000002513 100__ $$0AUTHOR|(SYS)berkeleygeorge$$aBerkeley, George
000002513 245__ $$aA Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge
000002513 520__ $$aPhilosophy being nothing else but the study of wisdom and truth, it may with reason be expected that those who have spent most time and pains in it should enjoy a greater calm and serenity of mind, a greater clearness and evidence of knowledge, and be less disturbed with doubts and difficulties than other men. Yet so it is, we see the illiterate bulk of mankind that walk the high-road of plain common sense, and are governed by the dictates of nature, for the most part easy and undisturbed.
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000002512 100__ $$0AUTHOR|(SYS)glasersfeldernstvon$$aGlasersfeld, Ernst von
000002512 245__ $$aThe Constructivist Approach to Teaching
000002512 520__ $$aThe development of a constructivist theory of knowing has been the focus of my interest for several decades. It was a philosophical interest that arose originally out of work concerning first the structure and semantics of several languages and later cognitive psychology. Therefore, the title of this chapter may need an explanation. Rosalind Driver, Reinders Duit, Heinrich Bauersfeld, and Paul Cobb can speak about teaching from their own immediate experiences, whereas I have never taught any of the subjects in which readers are experts. When I focus on the theory of constructivism, one may wonder why a proponent of such a peculiar theory of knowing should have anything to say about education in mathematics or science. It is a question I have often asked myself. If all goes well, some justification will be seen at the end of my essay.
000002512 773__ $$c3-15$$pP. Steffe and J. Gale Eds. Constructivism in Education$$y1995
000002512 8564_ $$s76721$$uhttps://systemika.g-i.cz/record/2512/files/A Constructivist Approach to Teaching.pdf
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000002510 100__ $$0AUTHOR|(SYS)keeneyhillary$$aKeeney, Hillary
000002510 245__ $$aWhat is Systemic about Systemic Therapy?$$bTherapy Model Muddle Embodied Systemic Practice
000002510 520__ $$aA critical review of some of the historical debates among systemic therapists suggests that the enactment of systemic practice has largely been eclipsed by an over-emphasis on interpretation, narrative, and theoretical understanding. We argue that being principally organized by any therapeutic model—whether it advocates a postmodern, narrative, systemic, or other view—maintains the hegemony not of only a singular form of interpretation, but of interpretation itself. We suggest the practical shift intended by systemic and cybernetic contributions to the field involved its implicit encouragement of an always ready-to-change therapy, creatively guided by interactivity rather than allegiance to any habituated form.
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000002510 700__ $$0AUTHOR|(SYS)keeneybradford$$aKeeney, Bradford
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000002509 100__ $$0AUTHOR|(SYS)foersterheinzvon$$aFoerster, Heinz von
000002509 245__ $$aCybernetics of Cybernetics
000002509 520__ $$aLadies and gentlemen—As you may remember, I opened my remarks at earlier conferences of our Society with theorems which, owing to the generosity of Stafford Beer, have been called “Heinz von Foerster’s Theorem Number One and Number Two”. This all is now history. However, building on a tradition of two instances, you may rightly expect me to open my remarks today again with a theorem. Indeed I shall do so but it will not bear my name. It can be traced back to Humberto Maturana, the Chilean neurophysiologist, who a few years ago, fascinated us with his presentation on “autopoiesis”, the organization of living things.
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000002509 653__ $$0SUBJECT|(SYS)kybernetika$$akybernetika
000002509 653__ $$ateorie
000002509 653__ $$0SUBJECT|(SYS)etika$$aetika
000002509 65017 $$astudijní materiály/autorské práce
000002509 773__ $$xKrippendorff K. (ed.) Communication and Control in Society. Gordon and Breach, New York: 5–8.
000002509 773__ $$y1979
000002509 8564_ $$s213710$$uhttps://systemika.g-i.cz/record/2509/files/Foerster.pdf
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000002490 100__ $$0AUTHOR|(SYS)culljane$$aCull, Jane
000002490 245__ $$aSearch of the Mind$$bHumberto Maturana
000002490 520__ $$aOver the centuries we have had a paradigm of thinking that the mind is in the head. That the mind exists somewhere in the brain and that it processes and stores information. On a closer inspection of the brain you would find that the entity we call "mind" is not actually there, but is used as a metaphor for the process of thinking. A metaphor is a description of something that we want to explain that exists in our experience; thus a metaphor is not an explanation.
000002490 8564_ $$s14059$$uhttps://systemika.g-i.cz/record/2490/files/Cull.pdf
000002490 909C4 $$dhttps://systemika.g-i.cz/record/2491$$pPŘEKLAD
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000002466 100__ $$0AUTHOR|(SYS)dohertywilliam$$aDoherty, William
000002466 245__ $$aThe Fox and the Hedgahog
000002466 260__ $$a2021
000002466 520__ $$aAfter 45 years of doing therapy, I know one thing for sure, and that’s that I don’t know much for sure.
000002466 653__ $$0SUBJECT|(SYS)reflektovani$$areflektování
000002466 8564_ $$s101506$$uhttps://systemika.g-i.cz/record/2466/files/The fox and hedgehog.pdf
000002466 909C4 $$dhttps://www.psychotherapynetworker.org/magazine/article/2560/the-fox-and-the-hedgehog/183b5da6-4bfb-4d0a-9548-8c16d375ad47/$$pPsychotherapy Networker
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000002350 100__ $$0AUTHOR|(SYS)simkovalenka$$aŠimková, Lenka
000002350 245__ $$aHranice profesionální role v praxi sociálního pracovníka$$bprůvodce ke vzdělávacímu programu
000002350 520__ $$aPřemýšlení o roli sociálního pracovníka může být inspirací pro reflexi vlastní práce a možných střetů, do nichž se pracovníci při jejím výkonu mohou dostávat. Je užitečné průběžně si pokládat otázky k profesionální roli vztažené.
000002350 773__ $$uhttps://www.slideshare.net/Lenkaimkov/hranice-a-profesionln-role-v-praxi-socilnho-pracovnka
000002350 8564_ $$s199486$$uhttps://systemika.g-i.cz/record/2350/files/Hranice a role.pdf
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000002349 100__ $$0AUTHOR|(SYS)simkovalenka$$aŠimková, Lenka
000002349 245__ $$aRole sociálního pracovníka$$bmnohovrstevnatá, dynamická a proměnlivá
000002349 520__ $$aJako by sociální pracovník na sebe oblékal více kusů oděvu, některé z nich jsou právě nahoře, a tudíž jsou i vidět, jiné vrstvy právě “spí” nebo jsou překryty jinými vrstvami, nicméně tvoří podhoubí jeho profesionality, jsou její součástí, a to i když mohou být (v daném okamžiku) potlačeny.
000002349 773__ $$pSociální revue$$uhttp://socialnirevue.cz/item/role-socialniho-pracovnika-mnohovrstevnata-dynamicka-a-promenliva$$y4.7.2014$$zISSN 1801-6790
000002349 8564_ $$s74123$$uhttps://systemika.g-i.cz/record/2349/files/Role pracovnika.pdf
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000002348 100__ $$0AUTHOR|(SYS)simkovalenka$$aŠimková, Lenka
000002348 245__ $$aJde to vůbec?$$bÚvahy ke spolupráci sociálních služeb a OSPOD
000002348 520__ $$aStále více se v posledních letech mluví o spolupráci sociálních služeb (nejen neziskových organizací, ale i služeb zřizovaných obcemi) a orgánů sociálně právní ochrany dětí (OSPOD), které by měly identifikovat potřeby dysfunkčních rodin a v zájmu ochrany dítěte být těmi, kdo případ vedou a koordinují systém ochrany dítěte v konkrétních případech tak, aby to bylo co nejlepší z hlediska zájmu dítěte.
000002348 773__ $$pSociální revue$$uhttp://socialnirevue.cz/item/jde-to-vubec-uvahy-ke-spolupraci-socialnich-sluzeb-a-ospod$$y10.9.2012$$zISSN 1801-6790
000002348 8564_ $$s46300$$uhttps://systemika.g-i.cz/record/2348/files/Jde to.pdf
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