Maturana Across the Disciplines

Humberto Maturana has generated a coherent and extensive explicatory matrix that encompasses his research in neurophysiology, cognition, language, emotion, and love. Can we formulate a map of Maturana’s work in a manner that is consistent with the systemic matrix it represents and that serves as an aid for understanding Maturana’s ...

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by Bunnell, Pille | 1 Aug 2017, 13:05 | maturanovská neurobiologie  

The Bioethical Dimension od Maturana's Thought

Introduced in 1970, bioethics is now more and more commonly used since it applies to a variety of concepts belonging to traditional Western thought. Just like other dualisms that are typical of traditional Western thought (e.g., mind/body, subject/object, philosophy/science), bioethics is developing in areas that are mostly isolated from each ...

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The Dance of Understanding

We subscribe to the view, expressed by Maturana and others, that satisfying experience of understanding does not result from invoking objectivity, the truth, or compelling argument, to achieve agreement by the force of reason, nor from a process of informative exchange, but from some other qualities, to be elusive and ...


by Fell, Lloyd ; Steward, Alan ; Russell, David | 28 Jul 2017, 11:40

Subject: ontologická biologie

Maturanova ontologická biologie ve spojení s velice kompatibilní kybernetickou epistemologií Batesona může konečně nabídnout základ pro sociální vědy, protože jeho práce se souběžně věnuje a/ problému pozorovatele, b/ epistemologickému statusu objektivity a /c/ vztahu mezi Geisteswissenschaften a Naturwissenschaften. Řečeno prostě, Maturanova generativní hypotéza o strukturou determinovaném fungování autopoietické jednoty ve. ...

Life, the Multiverse and Everything: An Introduction to the Ideas of Humberto Maturana

Based upon their experience working in a community mental-health clinic using solution-focused brief therapy, the authors describe a template for developing compliments. With most people, the family is a central part of their social system and therefore key to solution building. The authors have found the template particularly helpful in ...

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by Kenny, Vincent | 15 Jul 2015, 13:20

What The Frogs Eye Tells The Frogs Brain

What are the consequences of this work? Fundamentally, it shows that the eye speaks to the brain in a language already highly organized and interpreted, instead of transmitting some more or less accurate copy of the distribution of light on the receptors. As a crude analogy, suppose we have a ...


by Maturana, Humberto ; Lettvin, Jy ; McCulloch, W.S. ; Pitts, W.H. | 2 Jul 2015, 12:40 | maturanovská neurobiologie  

Objektivita. Argument příkazu

Je možné být skutečně objektivní? Je to možné alespoň v sociální, politické, ekonomické analýze? Jestliže ne, znamená to, že zůstáváme na pospas nejkrajnějšímu relativismu? Je toto hlavní příčina našich obtíží při zlepšování světa?

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Gregory Bateson, Systems Theory, and Autopoiesis

Bateson and Maturana, both contemporary philosophers and systemic thinkers, spent a good part of their academic careers searching for the "Patterns of Life";. Both men have strong backgrounds in cybernetics and were colleagues of the great cybernetician Heinz Von Foerester, who originated the legendary Macy conferences in the 1950's in ...

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The contribution of Humberto Maturana 
to the sciences of complexity and psychology

This work attempts to present the most important contributions of Humberto R. Maturana to the field of psychology, in an effort to reveal them directly. The main conclusion is that Maturana has expanded the understanding of humanness and therapy through the biology of the observer.

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Lesson 3 consists of two texts: an introduction to autopoietic theory by Randal Whitaker and a major text by Humberto Maturana. There are links to the important Website of Randal Whitaker on Autopoiesis, where a bibliography and suggestions for further reading may be found. At the end of this page ...

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