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Cybernetics of Cybernetics / Foerster, Heinz von

- 1979
In: Krippendorff K. (ed.) Communication and Control in Society. Gordon and Breach, New York: 5–8.

Ladies and gentlemen—As you may remember, I opened my remarks at earlier conferences of our Society with theorems which, owing to the generosity of Stafford Beer, have been called “Heinz von Foerster’s Theorem Number One and Number Two”. This all is now history. However, building on a tradition of two instances, you may rightly expect me to open my remarks today again with a theorem. Indeed I shall do so but it will not bear my name. It can be traced back to Humberto Maturana, the Chilean neurophysiologist, who a few years ago, fascinated us with his presentation on “autopoiesis”, the organization of living things.

Hesla: etika ; kybernetika ; radikální konstruktivismus ; teorie

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