The Dance of Understanding

We subscribe to the view, expressed by Maturana and others, that satisfying experience of understanding does not result from invoking objectivity, the truth, or compelling argument, to achieve agreement by the force of reason, nor from a process of informative exchange, but from some other qualities, to be elusive and ...


by Fell, Lloyd ; Steward, Alan ; Russell, David | 28 Jul 2017, 11:40

Constructivism and Collaborative Enterprises

This paper is a contribution to a dialogue on contructivist ideas in qualitative research in which collaborative inquiry is a central feature. By this I mean a process of finding out how both 'researchers' and 'subjects' have come to conceive an issue through sharing of their perceptions. Collaborative or participatory ...

by Steward. Alan | 16 Sep 2014, 9:23

Cybernetic Conversation

This paper is about a particular kind of relating between people engaged in processes of change, such as in therapy, primary medical care practice or participatory action research. My thesis is that if a therapist, practitioner or facilitator of research engages with individuals or groups on a basis of relational ...

by Steward, Alan | 16 Sep 2014, 9:20

Author: Steward, Alan