Life, the Multiverse and Everything: An Introduction to the Ideas of Humberto Maturana

Based upon their experience working in a community mental-health clinic using solution-focused brief therapy, the authors describe a template for developing compliments. With most people, the family is a central part of their social system and therefore key to solution building. The authors have found the template particularly helpful in ...

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by Kenny, Vincent | 15 Jul 2015, 13:20

The Economy of Discourses: a third order cybernetics?

This paper introduces the idea of, and necessity for, a 'third-order cybernetics'. It does this through the critique and problematisation of the ontology of the observer as elaborated within a second-order cybernetics. The necessity for this third-order is directly generated from our work as strategy consultants and our needs to ...

| Ecology of Mind

by Kenny, Vincent ; Boxer, Philip | 9 Jun 2015, 8:48

On the subject of Autopoiesis and it's Boundaries

Two arguments are unfolded against the viability and advisability of applying the notion of autopoiesis to third-order systems. The first argument comes from the domain of psychotherapeutic praxis and elaborates a critique of 'boundary' and 'family' as third-order phenomena. The second argument , coming from the domain of ethics, uses ...

by Kenny, Vincent | 29 Jan 2015, 17:04 | radikální konstruktivismus   kritická úvaha  

Východiska radikálního konstruktivismu

Postulát radikálního konstruktivismu: nervový systém je organizačně uzavřený.

by Kenny, Vincent | 7 Dec 2014, 10:59

Distinguishing Ernst von Glasersfeld’s “Radical Constructivism” from Humberto Maturana’s “Radical Realism”

Ernst von Glasersfeld has dedicated a lot of effort to trying to define just where his views and those of his friend Humberto Maturana part company, epistemologically speaking (Glasersfeld 1991, 2001).As a contribution to unravelling this puzzle I propose in this article to delineate just where they seem to differ ...

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by Kenny, Vincent | 12 Sep 2014, 9:05 | radikální konstruktivismus   kritická úvaha  

The Implementation of a Constructivist Approach to the Resolution of Prejudice

Using a consistently constructivist approach, the formation of prejudices, their role in identity, and their resultant resilience are examined. Next, the strategies which may be used to persuade people to change such constructs are considered. For the person who owns the prejudice these amount to experiences which invite reconsideration of ...

by Gash, Hugh ; Kenny, Vincent | 11 Sep 2014, 13:01

Implikace Maturanovy psychoterapeutické teorie

Jedním z velkých zájmů psychoterapie je, jak vytvořit dostatečný prostor pro kreativní využívání experimentálních zkoumání v oblasti terapeutického rozhovoru, tak aby bylo možné klientovi spontánně předávat novou zkušenost, která je neslučitelná s rámcem jeho problému. Z Maturanovy teorie můžeme abstrahovat tři velmi nadějné konstrukty, které terapeutovi umožňují dě at právě ...

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by Kenny, Vincent | 22 Apr 2014, 11:47 | 1 review

Author: Kenny, Vincent