Terapie zaměřená na řešení s truchlícím klientem: První sezení

Marta požádala o poradenství při úmrtí rok po matčině smrti.

by Simon, Joel k. ; Talášková, Veronika ; Těthalová, Milaše | 2 Feb 2022, 10:41

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy With Long-Term Problems

Clients who have been involved in the mental health system for years have been defined and have come to define themselves by their limitations. As a result of working with mental health professionals over many years most not only know their diagnosis but in fact have come to learn how ...

by Berg, Insoo Kim ; Simon, Joel K | 10 Oct 2015, 11:58 | solution focused  

Author: Simon, Joel K

Mr. Simon is Treatment Coordinator at Craig House Center, Beacon, N.Y. and a trainer with the Center for Solutions..