Family Preservation: A Brief Therapy Workbook

This manual is designed to ease your pain a little, to increase your excitement about your work, and to help you grow through your discovery of the amazing human spirit, in both yourself and the client.


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Solution-Focused Brief Therapy With Long-Term Problems

Clients who have been involved in the mental health system for years have been defined and have come to define themselves by their limitations. As a result of working with mental health professionals over many years most not only know their diagnosis but in fact have come to learn how ...

by Berg, Insoo Kim ; Simon, Joel K | 10 Oct 2015, 11:58 | solution focused  

Nechat mluvit čísla: jazyk v terapii

Metafora terapie jako rozhovoru je stejně tak užitečná jako nebezpečně zavádějící. Nebezpečí spočívá v asi nezbytné změně samohlásky z a (as) na i (is), tedy z „terapie jako rozhovor“ na „terapie je rozhovor“. Záměna samohlásky označuje přeměnu metafory na metaforu, která se tváří jako koncept.

by Berg, Insoo Kim ; De Shazer, Steve ; Fojtíková, Pavla | 6 Sep 2015, 8:53

Crafting the "Tap on the Shoulder": A Compliment template for Solution-Focused Therapy

Based upon their experience working in a community mental-health clinic using solution-focused brief therapy, the authors describe a template for developing compliments. With most people, the family is a central part of their social system and therefore key to solution building. The authors have found the template particularly helpful in ...


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Co-Constructing Cooperation with Mandated Clients

Dominant practice models for social work were originally developed and intended for work with voluntary clients. The professional literature indicates that use of these models with involuntary clients often alienates rather than engages. This article describes the use of solution-focused interviewing as a way to engage involuntary and mandated clients. ...

KN82 | Oxford Journals

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For Students Only

As increasing number of academic programs teach Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, we are increasingly asked by students to assist them in their learning about the approach and in their assignments for writing about it’s “founders” and personal information. All such requests from students, of course, they needed to finish the ...


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Building Solution-focused Partnerships in Children's Protective and Family services

Over the past 15 years, the human services field has been shifting its approach to pertnership and strengths-based directions.

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Making Numbers Talk: Language in Therapy

The metaphor of therapy as conversation is simultaneously useful and dangerously misleading. The danger lies in what is probably an inevitable vowel shift from a to i, that is, from “therapy as conversation”to “therapy is conversation.”The vowel shift marks a transformation from metaphor to metaphor disguised as concept.


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Useful Guidelines

Obsahuje heslovité návody k jednotlivým metodám krátké terapie - Indications of client engagement, Why questions, List of questions Lead-In, Useful language skills, Useful question for working with involuntary clients, Working assmption about childern, Working assumption about parents, 20 minute interview, Steps to homework, Closure of the Session.

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