Ancient Wisdom and Contemporary Ecological Problems

The Australian Aborigines' environmental culture and the "double bind" approach used in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous are considered as a source for the generation of a new strategy for dealing with the ecological problems of our day. The strategy aims at achieving a negotiated outcome in issues of high ...

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Lesson 3 consists of two texts: an introduction to autopoietic theory by Randal Whitaker and a major text by Humberto Maturana. There are links to the important Website of Randal Whitaker on Autopoiesis, where a bibliography and suggestions for further reading may be found. At the end of this page ...

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Autopoiesis & Enaction

This introductory tutorial is designed to give you a brief overview of autopoietic theory -- the term I use to denote the work of Chilean biologists Humberto R. Maturana and Francisco J. Varela. The following sections each provide a summary overview of a key concept.

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Autopoiesis, Structural Coupling and Cognition: A history of these and other notions in the biology of cognition

My intent in this essay is to reflect on the history of some biological notions such as autopoiesis, structural coupling, and cognition, that I have developed since the early 1960's as a result of my work on visual perception and the organization of the living. No doubt I shall repeat ...

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The Bioethical Dimension od Maturana's Thought

Introduced in 1970, bioethics is now more and more commonly used since it applies to a variety of concepts belonging to traditional Western thought. Just like other dualisms that are typical of traditional Western thought (e.g., mind/body, subject/object, philosophy/science), bioethics is developing in areas that are mostly isolated from each ...

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The Biological Foundations of Virtual Realities and Their Implications for Human Existence

To consider the implications of the operation of the nervous sys- tem – and of the constitution of cultures as closed networks of languaging and emotioning – for how we understand and generate so-called “virtual realities.”

| The Biological Foundations of Virtual Realities and Their Implications for Human Existence

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Biology of Language: The Epistemology of Reality

I am not a linguist, I am a biologist. Therefore, I shall speak about language as a biologist, and address myself to two basic biological questions, namely: 1. What processes must take place in an organism for it to establish a linguistic domain with another organism? 2. What processes take ...

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Biology’s Room With a View

The diverse papers which make up this book are variations on a theme which is based in biological science - yet none of the contributors is really a biologist. Our metaphor for describing what we are doing here is that we have gathered together in a room because that particular ...

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Co žabí oko říká žabímu mozku

Jaké jsou důsledky této práce? Podstatné je, že ukazuje, že oko mluví do mozku v jazyce již velmi organizovaně a interpretovaně, místo přenášení více či méně přesných kopii rozložení světla na receptory, jako část analogie, předpokládejme, že má člověk pozorovat mraky a vykazovat je jako meteorologická stanice. Pokud se používá ...

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Constructivism and Collaborative Enterprises

This paper is a contribution to a dialogue on contructivist ideas in qualitative research in which collaborative inquiry is a central feature. By this I mean a process of finding out how both 'researchers' and 'subjects' have come to conceive an issue through sharing of their perceptions. Collaborative or participatory ...

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