Shake Up

Therapeutic impasses are seduced processes that occur within a therapeutic session between clients and the therapist. When an impasse develops, all members of the therapeutic system become stuck and only minimal progress is made by the clients; often therapy ends prematurely. The purpose of this book is to assist both ...

by Ellenwood, Audrey E. ; Brok, Lars | 7 Jan 2015, 12:49 | psychoterapie   návody   reflektování   role   studie  

Zpráva o systemické terapii

Systemická terapie, systemické myšlení, je konsekvencí vývoje vědeckého poznání a filozofie 20. století, které lze svým významem přirovnat k době renesance a zámořských objevů.


by Pecháčková, Soňa | 7 Jan 2015, 12:06 | systemika   psychoterapie   historie   SF   studie  

Zen and systemic therapy: Similarities, distinctions, possible contributions of Zen theory and Zen practice to systemic therapy

The basic motivation of the article is that the authors experience their going into Zen as enlarging for their work as systemic psychotherapists. On this base they ask how Zen in the context of systemic psychotherapy - on a theoretical and on a practical level - can be seen and ...

| Zen and systemic therapy

by Groeger, Herbert ; Trenkler, Luigi | 9 Apr 2014, 13:40 | zen   budhismus   koány   srovnávací studie   konstruktivismus  

The tree of knowledge

This book will start readers thinking in new ways about both science and philosophy. The authors have been most ingenious in finding means to explain at the same our human processes of thought and the facts of biology. There are fresh insights on every page, presented very clearly. Dr. Maturana ...


by Maturana, Humberto ; Varela, Francisco J. | 28 Mar 2014, 10:04 | fyziologie   kognitivní psychologie   neuropsychologie   smyslové vnímání   studie   učení